Success Stories


Carlos was referred by his school due to his family’s unstable living situation and his recent diagnosis of autism. He was in distress because he was placed into a new classroom and like other children with autism, he had difficulties expressing himself and his frustration. Through the Social Work intern’s work, Carlos made a “toolbox” of coping skills. He worked on developing skills such as recognizing other people’s feelings. Through patience and persistence he showed improvement in school and at home in relating to adults and peers.

The family was also connected with other community resources that provided added housing stability and long term services in understanding and managing Carlos’ condition.


Michael began his school year staring blankly while the rest of his class was on task and working well. Michael’s parents were incarcerated for drug abuse and neglect of him and his siblings. His elderly grandmother was given the responsibility of his care. As he met with the intern, he began to build trust. Michael verbalized his worries so he no longer had to visit the nurse’s office multiple times each day.

Michael’s grandmother and family were adopted through Carson Family Resource Center donors for the Christmas holidays. Also the intern linked the family with tutoring and in home counseling that started before the intern ended the year. Michael continues to make improvement in his overall adjustment in his school and at home.


Darryl’s mother came to the Family Center to request counseling because Darryl was caught stealing money from several family members. The mother was also in distress because her son was often in trouble in school for disturbing the class or treating his classmates badly. Darryl’s mother and father began to meet with the Case Manager to address marital conflicts and also, to receive parenting support. The parents enrolled in the Parent in Control classes which helped them significantly in improving their parenting skills.

At the same time Darryl began working with the Psychiatric Social Worker on reducing his disruptive behavior in class. Improvement has been noticeable according to Darryl’s parents and his teachers. Darryl and his parents continue to receive weekly counseling with their School Mental Health therapist at the Family Center.