Carson Coordinating Council History

There is something quite magical about the evolution of the Carson Coordinating Council. As the City of Carson was finding its way to incorporation in the early-to-mid sixties, so too, was the Council. Human services were almost non-existent. Nothing was available for people of all ages who had needs related to physical and emotional health.

A handful of men and women, five in number, came together to address these most serious matters of concern. Under the umbrella of the Federation of Community Coordinating Councils of Los Angeles County, the Carson Coordinating Council was given both a mission and a purpose.

Boys and girls in our community were manifesting a vast array of behavioral difficulties. Thus, in 1977, the Carson Child Guidance Program was born as an integrated social service delivery system. In 1993, the Carson Family Resource Center was established to further the goals of a coordinated system of care for children and families.

Today, the Carson Coordinating Council is a true testament to awakening hearts, practical remedies and multi-faceted response. We are proud of our friends’ and partners’ capacity to be of assistance. Caring is what links us together.