Carson Child Guidance Program


In 1977, the Carson Coordinating Council collaborated with the City of Carson’s Redevelopment Department and the Los Angeles Unified School District to develop Carson’s first school-based social service program: The Carson Child Guidance Program. The community representatives, school principals and mental health professionals recognized that in order to prevent delinquency and enable youths to become productive adult citizens, the focus must be at the elementary school level. The program was designed to intervene early in the lives of children who displayed poor school performance, pre-delinquent and self-destructive behavior.


The Program staff consists of one psychiatric social worker and one bilingual social service aide employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Health and Human Services Unit. The duties of the social worker include the coordination and supervision of services provided through the Foundation and Partnership Programs. The bilingual social service aide provides community outreach services, facilitates parent groups and provides clerical support. The school-based outreach workers include post graduate Masters Degree counselors and graduate interns. All staff members provide hands-on counseling and intervention.